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In many cases, a well-maintained, high-performance website can be the decisive competitive advantage.

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CMS update for WordPress and Co. – Your website is on the safe side with us!

Cyber criminals have their sights set on websites, and most likely yours too. – Now with professional website maintenance to more success . –Because no matter whether it is a multinational corporation or a sole proprietorship: Any page on the Internet can become the victim of a cyber attack from one moment to the next.


Data backup – The indispensable plus in security for your website

Regular data backup of the content of your website is undoubtedly one of the most important measures. Because technical errors or a cyber attack can lead to data loss within a very short time, which in the worst case paralyzes the entire business operations of your company.


Interesting content with added value for visitors

Interesting content with added value for visitors, short loading times, topic relevance and regular updates make a website attractive – not only for human users but also for search engines.

Factors for your ranking on Google & Co.

There are numerous small and tiny factors that catapult a website to the top positions on Google and Co. – or even into invisibility. Because if a website is not regularly maintained and provided with fresh content, it is quickly considered uninteresting and is accordingly punished by the algorithms with a poor ranking.

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